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Philately - Air-/Zeppelinmail & Astrophilately  -  08.03.2018 10:00
161. Auction Per Adura Ad Astra

Lot 3001
First Flight England to Australia November 10, 1919 - January 26, 1920, Capt. Sir Ross Smith together with his crew Lt. Keith M. Smith (brother) and Sergts. W.H. Shiers and J.M. Bennett flew from London to Port Darwin, thus flying 11,500 miles in 29 days; the Australian Government issued a special stamp which, by order of the Post Office Dept., was affixed to the mail at Melbourne and cancelled "First Aerial Mail, Great Britain to Australia. Received 26 Feb. 1920", whereas the cover shows some faults, the stamp is in adequate condition, only 130 covers of this very important intercontinental flight were carried, certified Bolaffi
6; Flugpost; FLUGPOST INTERNATIONAL; Australien
6; Airmail; INTERNATIONAL AIRMAIL; Australia
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