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International Philately, single lots  -  14.11.2019 14:00
167. Auction

Lot 5249
1915, 2 C red postal stationery envelope used uprated registered from "CHATHAM N.J. SEP/2/1915" addressed to American Mission in "Adana Syria", transit New York "Sep/29/1915", redirected via "BEYROUTH 5 - 16/11/15" and "Istanbul 7/12/15", retour to US with several arrival marks in January 1916. At left unrecorded censor label "BEYRUT POSTAHANESI" (Beyrouth Post Office), crescent and star military censor mark "BEYRUT ASKERI SANSÜR HEYETI" and turkish ms. "iyade" (retour) and "Amerikaya" (to US) on front. A unique censor cover and showpiece for a Lebanon and Turkey postal history collection
6; Übersee A-Z; LIBANON;
6; Overseas A-Z; LEBANON;
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