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Levante  -  30.06.2022 11:30
175. Auktion

Lot 4512
BERGOS 2/1876, UPU period double rate cover. the ottoman post carried in this period not to Romania, two single 1 Pia yellow tied by Bulgaria "BERGOS" (A&P type 04, no.1, RR) circular type all arabic cancellation (today Burgas), and at arrival in Istanbul ms. "in Istanbul carried by hand" (Dersaadetde elden verilmistir) and forwarded by Austria Levant P.O. with 10 Sld blue tied by "CONSTANTINOPLE 25/2/76" c.d.s. with arrival mark "BRAILA 27/2/76", certificate du Vachat BPP and Holcombe, a cover of highest importance in Levant postal history
6; Levant; RUMANIA;
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