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Philately Single lots  -  30.06.2022 11:45
175. Auction

Lot 4602
1917, 5 C and pair 10 C first edition with four-line overprint, on registered letter KIGOMA (R-slip Belgian Congo) via British-Indian Field Post, "F.P.O.320" and "BASE OFFICE/REG./ I.E.F.", London and Lisbon to ALDEIA DE PAIS PIRES/SEIXAT in Portugal, provisional censorship strip "CENSURE MILITAIRE KIGOMA LE 9/11/17 LE CENSEUR" and signum on reverse. Top piece from the correspondence of Baron Greindl, destination rarity
6; Übersee A-Z; BELGISCH-KONGO; Besetzung Deutsch-Ostafrika
6; Overseas A-Z; BELGISCH-CONGO; Besetzung Deutsch-Ostafrika
Kat.-Nr.: 1, 2
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