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Collections Germany  -  10.03.2023 10:00
177. Auction

Lot 3001
Old German States to zones as well a little modern, predominantly mint never hinged inventory ex Willy Pedersen in numerous portfolios and some covers in 2 moving boxes, beneath many sheets- and parts of sheets with among others Saxony Michel number 15 in the mint never hinged sheet of 100, furthermore occupation I. Plus II. World war with Schleswig, Belgium, yellow-gold, B & M, German Reich with a lot of Infla including 330 B mint never hinged in the complete sheets, DR official stamps, numerous package cards with Hitler frankings, used in the Alsace, stack DR souvenir sheet 3 on registered covers, Saar region to New Saar, Control Council, Soviet Zone, American/British Zone, French Zone, and so on - see illustration
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