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Collections Germany  -  10.03.2023 10:00
177. Auction

Lot 3002
Closet filling from Old German States over DR with colonies, Bes. I. Plus II. WW, Gdansk, Memel Saar, zones to Federal Republic of Germany, Berlin and German Demokratic Republik (East Germany), over 70 printed form and large stockbooks as well as some HAWID Box, beneath over and over again better stamps and sets, se-tenants D. Reich, Federal Republic of Germany from mint never hinged first issues, rolls and sheet stamps, stamp booklet, a little nominal, French Zone practically complete and according to random samples only mint never hinged, American/British Zone with buildings, better volume / net on numeral (these unsigned without recourse), Soviet Zone with among others Michel number 80 X mint never hinged, German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) including Marx souvenir sheet, local issue, duplicates in the manageable frame, and so on
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