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Nachlässe, Sammlungen International  -  11.03.2023 10:10
177. Auction

Lot 4012
Europe Closet filling with more then 120 almost only large albums and files, from the beginning mostly used from small classic part and later then often mint never hinged, beneath France to 2003 with numerous modern stamp booklet, also PEXIP-souvenir sheet, Monaco, Portugal to 2000 with souvenir sheet issues like souvenir sheet 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and further, Spain, Italy and Vatican, England, Channel Islands, Malta, Gibraltar, Cyprus, ample Belgium to approximate 2000, Luxembourg to 2008, Liechtenstein, much Hungaria with souvenir sheets and miniature sheet, also cut, as well areas like Baranya, Poland from albumable Michel number 1, also souvenir sheets from 1, miniature sheet, areas with among others local issue, Romania with main value in the modern, here, too, ample souvenir sheets and miniature sheet including better small edition B issues, German occupation II. WW Serbia, Balkan and Baltic States together with an additional areas, souvenir sheets in 12 middle ring binder, and so on
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